Deleted Scene #1 – Story Time

Story Time

This scene was written as a stand-alone short story, but I wrote it with the intention of putting it in the book at around page 39. During one of the edits, I decided it didn’t really fit, so I removed it and added the “Slug Bug” scene, which is displayed here as Excerpt #2. Read more

Deleted Scene #2 – Phil Savage

Phil Savage Description

These few pages were originally written to give insight and depth to Phil Savage, the guy who our heroes borrow the pickup truck from. But I came to realize I needed to get to the meat of the plot a bit sooner, so I removed it. But still, in my opinion, this is an interesting bit of text. Also, this incorporated one of my past career choices, and I’d always wanted to write about it. On top of all that, it has a rather vulgar joke that didn’t sit too well with my proof-reading staff. I like it, but I wrote it, so y’know. Read more

Deleted Scene #3 – Dirk Irtly

Dirk Irtly, channel forty-two action news central

The Dirk Irtly bit, on page 195, originally included this joke. However, one of my proof readers didn’t get it, so I tried to expand on it. Then she thought it was too vulgar, so I removed the whole thing. But every time I read it I laugh, so I wanted to share it with you. Read more