Glossary of Terms

If you’re wondering how the author pronounces certain words in Off-Worlding, here ya go.

Amorphicine: Uh – morph – uh – scene

Hathiant: Hath – ee – int

Grumm: Like “rum” with a G in front

Prijatel: Pridge (rhymes with Fridge) – a – tell

Blueb: Pronounced like the first part of ‘blueberry’ – ya know, without the ‘erry’ bit.

Reynaul: Ray – nawl

DaQuay: Duh – kway

Baetoff: Bay – toff (like the first part of toffee)

SessRall: Cess (like the first part of cesspool) – rall (rhymes with ball)

Xela (Alex’s ‘space’ name): Zee-luh (kinda like Xena)