Driving Crazy – Purchase Using PayPal

If you’re interested in picking up a signed, personalized copy of Driving Crazy directly from me, click on the drop down menu below, choose the proper option, and hit the “Buy Now” Button. This will take you ever-so-gently to the PayPal site.

Driving Crazy – Purchase using PayPal


If you’re in the Mid-Michigan area and would like to pick up a copy from me personally (y’know, at a bar, restaurant, your place) using good ol’ fashioned cash, please contact me at: RandyP1111@yahoo. com. This way, no shipping charges, and you get to spend some quality time with me! Win-Win!!

Some people have had trouble getting the PayPal buttons to work properly. If you receive an error while using Internet Explorer, please try using Firefox or Google Chrome. If that doesn’t cut it, you can send the money directly to my PayPal account – RandyP1111@aol.com

FYI – Not only will I sign your copy, but I also personalize every book I sell through my website. So, if you want me to personalize your book with anything other than the name listed on your PayPal account, please let me know. I’ll be happy to do it, as long as I know!

Thanks for the purchase!