TB II Deleted Scene 1

This was originally in Chapter 2. I had references to the police on the tracks driving pick-up trucks – (this comes from page 196 of the first TB). But after revisiting the first book and plotting out the timeline, I came to realize this part wouldn’t have happened. The trucks came by later. Frankly, I was relieved, because this part became way too convoluted. But it’s a fun read nonetheless. 🙂

This text removed from page 4-

Increasing his speed, he rolled for another few minutes until he heard more traffic on the tracks coming at him from the south. “Dang,” he said as he again applied the brakes. “Grand Central frickin’ Station here!” This noise, however, sounded different. It sounded more like a car’s engine instead of anything normally found on the tracks.

He had just barely pushed the Velocipede into the weeds when the first of several pickup trucks roared past. It confused Edison until he noticed the smaller metal wheels extending from the truck’s frame. Oh, he thought, must be some of those railroad-owned pickups modified to drive on the tracks. Cool! As one of them drove past his hiding spot, he saw a telltale blue of a police officer’s uniform. Crap, the cops! They must be heading to the lair!

Though Edison thought about calling Merrill or one of the others to warn them, he decided against it. They’re on their own. Besides, he thought as he again put his ride back on the tracks, I gotta find Santascoy!

And this from page 5:

Approaching the Pirate Lair, fear flooded through Edison when he remembered all those track-modified pickups that had driven past him earlier. Oh no, he thought, the cops must be there! And they’re probably still blocking the tracks! We’ll be caught for sure!

As they rolled up, however, Edison breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the officers had driven all of the trucks off the tracks. They had the Pirate compound surrounded with the vehicles. In fact, they must have already gone inside, because he did not even see any officers as they approached.

Holding his breath, they travelled past and continued north. Thank God, he thought. The cops were all too busy dealing with the others to notice us.