Hand Car Photos

Wondering what a handcar looks like? What the heck is a Velocipede? Or an Autorack? A Draisine / Jigger??? This will help. (I don’t own the rights to this photos – found using Wikipedia)

Here are a few hand car samples I found in my travels:

Stained wood! They usually don’t look this nice!

This is a closeup of the brake assembly

This is a multi-rider version

And another multi-rider design












These next few are called Velocipedes – single rider track vehicles.

Traditional style Velocipede

A old-school pump-powered Velocipede

Bicycle style!
















If you’ve read Trac Brothers and can’t picture what an autorack looks like? Here ya go!

From the outside

From the inside – they hold 8 cars in total – 4 on top and 4 on bottom

Here is a Draisine (or Jigger). They are used for inspecting the track, as well as moving the occasional boxcar around

Here is what a pickup truck looks like that’s been modified to drive on the rail