Coming Soon

What’s next for author Randy D Pearson? I’m glad you asked!

Off-Worlding (formerly Vacation From Reality)Novel – Release Date 2022

Epic Sci-Fi adventure in the realm of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Red Dwarf.
A spaceship swoops down and saves Alex Dandridge’s life. When the aliens on board invite him to explore the galaxy with them, he embarks on an adventure few humans get to experience.
However, for the alien Hathiant, this wasn’t a coincidence. He is looking for redemption, trying to make amends for a terrible mistake that happened a decade earlier.

Expect plenty of humor, aliens, and the Prijatel … what IS a Prijatel?

Unnamed ‘Psychic Phil’ Novel – Release Date TBD

If you enjoyed the last 50 or so pages of Tell Me a Story, featuring three stories about “Psychic Buddy” Phillip Hammel, his first stand-alone novel will thrill you to no end!

Oh, and have ya heard… there’s talk that Driving Crazy will become a movie! This hilarious novel has piqued the interest of a movie production studio on the west side of Michigan. More details as they become available.

Others? You betcha!

Stay tuned!