TB Deleted Scene 1

From Chapter 5 – I originally had this extended scene about “Scott and Marge.” They are dear friends of mine, and I wanted to write them in the book. However, the proofreaders were confused by this scene – primarily because I’d introduced two characters who we never see again in this story. The “ending” of this scene also threw them for a loop. So I reluctantly removed it.

Fifteen minutes on the tracks brought them to another road, this one a much busier four-lane highway. As they approached, Jackson noticed something that disturbed him. “Um, we might have a problem here.”

Jam only released the word, “What,” before he also realized the situation. The railroad crossing gates that stop traffic had yet to drop down, and the ear-splitting klaxons were not sounding from the gates. They continued to move closer to the road, assuming and hoping the gate sensor would be located nearer to the highway.

However, as they found themselves nearly at the road, the gates had still not budged. “Holy chud Jam,” Jackson shouted. “We’re not heavy enough or something! What do we do?”

Jam shrugged. “We would never be able to stop in time. We have to ram through! Pump harder and hang on, brother!”

The handcar rolled into the road just as a Ford LTD with more rust than green entered the intersection, closely followed by a cobalt blue Chevy Volt. Fortunately, no one came from the other direction.

The driver of the LTD did not notice the handcar until nearly upon it. Slamming on his brakes and veering right, the massive car turned and skidded sideways as his tires hit the tracks. His back bumper, as he spun, missed the handcar by less than an inch. As the man fought to keep his car on the road, the young woman driving the Volt stomped her brakes, sliding to a stop as she bounced over the tracks.

The two drivers, their cars now facing one another, jumped out and screamed at the Trachsel brothers as they continued past as fast as their arms would allow. The man seriously considered running after them, but when he turned and looked at the auburn haired woman, his anger instantly evaporated. He had never seen a woman so beautiful. “Are you okay?”

She replied, “Yes. That was really weird! What the hell was that thing?”

“I have no idea. I’m just glad neither of us got hurt. My name is Scott, by the way.”

“Marge,” she said with a pleasant smile as she held out her hand.

Scott shook her hand slowly, holding onto it for a moment before releasing it. After a quick pause, he said, “I’m going to stop at Deeters in town, to rest for a bit after that weirdness. Would you … care to join me?”

Nodding, Marge replied, “Um, okay. I could use a stiff drink after that!”

They both took one final look up the tracks, at the weird vehicle as it sped away, before getting into their cars and driving into town.

They had their first official date a week later, and on the three-year anniversary of this first meeting, Scott and Marge were married. They lived happily ever after.