TB II Deleted Scene 2

Removed from part two, chapter 3 – this part gave away too much too soon, plus having Gandy “just know” this part didn’t work.

Jax smiled. “I’ve missed you too. So, how have things been? Any trouble from the Track Pirates?”

Nasty shook his head. “Nah, far as we can tell, them Pirates either got arrested or took off.”

“And what about Santascoy?” Jackson asked.

Shrugging, Wick replied, “There were rumors that one of his men found him and took him to Joselle’s vet’s office.”

“Who?” asked Jax.

“Joselle Haberman,” replied Clare. “Mac’s first wife.”

“The one Santascoy stole away from him,” said Nasty with clear disdain.

“Oh, yeah. I vaguely remember her.” said Jam. “Why there?”

Wick said, “That’s where the Pirates always went for their injuries. It kept them off the grid.”

“But I doubt he was there,” said Nasty. “I heard the cops were all over that place. They’d have nailed him for sure.”

Gandy joined in. “He was there, but he escaped under cover of darkness. He’s living in a cabin north of Fife Lake.”

“How do you know that?” asked Wick.

“I just know,” Gandy replied with his knowing smile.

“He just knows,” barked Nasty. “He always just knows.”

Gandy shrugged.