Excerpts and Deleted Scenes from Trac Brothers

Want a couple of Trac Brothers excerpts to whet your whistle, as the old saying goes?

Excerpt #1 – Chapter 2 – pages 20-24 (The brothers’ first attempt with the hand car)

Excerpt #2 – Chapter 6 – pages 52-57 (Their introduction to Walton Junction – and its inhabitants)

Excerpt #3 – Chapter 14 – pages 112-116 (Santascoy comes to the Riders’ camp in full force)

Here are a few scenes that were deleted from the final novel (SPOILER ALERT- it’s best not to read these until after you’ve completed the novel. Don’t want to give anything away and ruin your fun!)

Deleted Scene #1 – From Chapter 5 (Scott and Marge)

Deleted Scene #2 – From Chapter 12 (The origin of Chud)

Deleted Scene #3 – From Chapter 20 (Getting out of the cave)