Story Time


Here I will post short stories, articles, ramblings… whatever floats my bucket. Here is the current crop:

Lumberjack Smallpox – A Walton Junction Story – This is the first in (what I hope to be) a series of fictional stories based on the life and times of those men and women who lived in Walton Junction during the heyday of the 1870s-1920s. 

A Ticket to Hell – The Long, Lost Town of Walton Junction – Want to learn about the place where Trac Brothers takes place? Here is the fascinating history of a little known rail town north of Cadillac, Michigan, that only survived from 1872 to the mid 1920s, but was a helluva a place to visit!

The Lasting Effects of Bullying – This article is a reflection on my feelings of outliving my high school bullies

Porch Dog – The true story of a Great Dane who decided, one day, that my porch was his home

Crimes A ‘la Almondine – A  poignant, humorous Fiction 440 story 

Santa’s Big Night – One of my goofier stories, written in 1994 and edited over the years, about a sotted Santa. 

35 Years and Counting – The Story of Pinball Pete’s – An article, originally published in Retro Gamer magazine, about East Lansing’s coolest and longest-lasting video arcade

30 Day Vegan Challenge – My chronicling of my first foray into veganism – written from the perspective of a life-long carnivore 

Experiencing Common Ground – A fun article I wrote about my experiences during the 2010 Common Ground, Lansing Michigan’s yearly concert festival