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Hi! I’m Randy D. Pearson. Thanks for visiting my website! (Contact info at the bottom of the page)

Randy D Pearson

Way back in 2010!

My creativity and love for the written word came about at a very early age. As a child, I wrote my own comic strip series called The Weirdos, starring Hic and Bunyan. Recently, I came across the first story I ever wrote, a cartoon book entitled, The Adventures of Marvin and Randy, that I concocted at age nine as a birthday gift for my father. From there, I began writing creative fiction and the occasional essay on my Atari 800 home computer.

Over many years of writing fiction, I won several national writing contests, and received honorable mention in an international contest in 2005. I also received honorable mention in 1986 for a novella I “published” on my computer bulletin board system (BBS, the precursor to the Internet). This tale, a ghost story from the ghost’s point of view, is something my mother is convinced was stolen off my BBS and turned into the Patrick Swayze/Demi Moore movie Ghost. (I don’t buy it, but it’s my mom… what’s a son to do?)

Driving Crazy, my debut novel, has had quite the interesting life. Originally it was self-published in 2010 before being picked up by the national company Tate Publishing in 2015. When they went belly-up (actually, they crashed and burned spectacularly), it was re-published by the indie outfit Blue Deco Publishing. Then they went out of business (actually, another spectacular crash-n-burn). So now Driving Crazy is being published through the tiny EdcoCaly Press.

Beardy and cartoony!

My short story collection, Tell Me a Story, was released in Spring 2016 with Blue Deco Publishing, but is now with EdcoCaly as well.

Trac Brothers, my second full-length novel, came out in February 2018, under EdcoCaly. It’s been called a, “Deft trail tale,” “hard to put down,” and “Pearson’s best book yet.”

Then, during the pandemic-filled fun of 2020, I released Trac Brothers II – Santascoy’s Revenge in October. It’s been called “an awesome follow-up story” and “a great mix of fun and scary.”

2023 finally brought forth Off-Worlding, which had been in my mind since the early 1990s. 

In addition to these humorous novels, my work has been published in several places: all four of the Writing at the Ledges anthologies, Small Towns: A Map in Words and Seasons of Life, Voices from the Ledges, and the brand new Promptly Speaking – as well as Pets Across America III, Washington Square Review 2011, and Fiction 440 Volume 1. I also have an article about Pinball Pete’s that appeared in Retrocade Magazine.

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