TB II Deleted Scene 3

This came from a part of the storyline I ended up revising. This original plotline was too simplistic, so when I came up with something more interesting, I cut this bit. However, but I did like how it gave the reader some insight into Edison’s character, and how far he would be willing to go to please Santascoy. 

As Edison drove Santascoy toward the farmhouse in the railcar, Santascoy glanced over at him. “I suppose I should tell you the rest of the plan now.”

While Edison thought, It’s about damn time, he verbalized, “Okay, boss,” looking over at Santascoy for a moment before turning back to the train tracks.

“It’s quite simple, really. We’re going to kidnap the two young ladies, the ones who the brothers are so fond of.”

As Edison’s eyes widened, he said as softly as he could manage while continuing to stare straight ahead, “Okay.”

“We lock them up at the old Pirate compound. We inform the brothers about it.”


“When young Jam and Jax arrive the compound, you and I gun them down.”

This caused Edison’s head to swivel toward Santascoy. “Gun them down? You mean like…”

He paused, so Santascoy answered, “Like kill them, yes.”

“Ummm…” Edison said slowly. “Okay. So… just shoot them.”

Santascoy chuckled. “Yes! It’s such a simple revenge plan. Don’t you just love it?”

Edison did not love it, not even a little bit. However, he knew he could not say anything to Santascoy, lest his own life be in danger. This man is so seriously unhinged, he thought. “Um, sure. What’s not to love?”

“Excellent response,” said Santascoy as he slapped his number one on the back. “It will be epic.”

Edison did not respond as he returned his gaze to the tracks.


From Edison’s vantage point on the catwalk, he could see both of the women securely locked in the small animal cage. Across the opposite side of the catwalk, only Santascoy’s silhouette betrayed his location.

He looked down at the pistol in his hand. Knowing little about guns, other than which end to point at the target, he had no idea what type of weapon he held. He thought Santascoy had called it a Heckler and … somebody. Coke? And did he say 9mm?

While that part of Santascoy’s speech fell out of his brain, Edison clearly remembered the last part. “When the brothers walk in, let them get to the cage, then we shoot them. Preferably in the head, but anywhere will work.”

It seemed straightforward enough to the young man, but when he stared at the black, shiny pistol in his hand, sweat started beading on his forehead. Can I do this? Can I really shoot someone? I mean, they are my enemy after all. Well, Santascoy’s enemy, which makes them my enemy. But still. Putting a bullet into someone. There’s no turning back from that.

As Edison continued to gaze at the pistol, he felt his phone vibrate. Pulling it from his pocket, he looked at Santascoy’s message. “Stay sharp, my Lieutenant. They will be here soon. Follow my lead.”

Edison typed, “I’m ready,” and hit send.

After a moment, he received an error message – No Signal. He wondered how Santascoy’s text came through. He must have a better provider than me.

So instead, he raised his hand over his head and gave Santascoy a thumbs up. Then he released a heavy breath he did not realize he held.